So, Who is CHROME?

CHROME may be a shiny new credit union, but our history in Washington County goes back decades. 

So, here’s our story.

Once upon a time, we were Washington Community Federal Credit Union. Our people were always big on helping our neighbors save, borrow and live better. But we knew we could do more.

We began by rethinking our identity. A new name would be just the first step, but it would be an important one. We chose CHROME because it felt “strong” and “bright”. It united us around our shared values.

Then we set about listening to what our members wanted, learning more about how they lived, and simplifying our products. This took awhile, but it was worth it. These conversations informed everything we did from that point on.

Finally, we decided to really let our humanity show. Today, we look for ways to commit random acts of kindness. We don’t let doing our job get in the way of getting to know you. And if you’re having “one of those days”, we’ll work really hard to turn it around.

Beyond the name, the concept of CHROME just feels like home to us. CHROME is a metal that can be stretched and pounded, but will never break. Add the element Chromium to steel, and steel becomes even stronger. Chromium also brings color to many of its compounds. 

Color and strength. Solid and true. That’s us. That’s CHROME. Banking that shines.™

Read about the CHROME new name and general FAQs